Headlight Restoration

Restore Functionality And Appearance To Worn-Out Headlights

Driving around with worn-out headlights, caused by various environmental factors, is a safety hazard. Not only that, but dull and cloudy headlights also prevent clarity on the road in harsh weather. Once your headlights start to appear discoloured and hazy, that’s an indication to consider headlight restoration done professionally. It helps in scratch repair and preserving the original part of the vehicle. Headlight restoration also enhances the overall appearance of the exterior of the car.

Our team of professional experts carefully restore your headlights by using special abrasive to make them as luminous as new. We can also assist you with headlight tinting or headlight PPF to ensure they stay looking fresh for the vehicles life.



  • Enhances the visibility by lengthening the line of sight
  • Improves the overall aesthetic appeal of your vehicle
  • Improves the overall safety of night driving
  • Existing dents in your headlights become less visible
  • Cost-effective solutions compared to replacing 

Headlight Restoration

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